Nintendo Defends Copyright – Shuts Down Metroid Fan Project

Nintendo shut down a Metroid fan project in late August. A little more than a month later, the anticipated Metroid Dread will release. Historically, Nintendo has shut down fan projects, and they have every right to defend their intellectual property. But what power does Nintendo actually have? The apparent fan project was a 2D remakeContinue reading “Nintendo Defends Copyright – Shuts Down Metroid Fan Project”

Video Game Company, Raw Fury, Publishes Publisher Agreement

Is the publisher making the final decision about the marketing? Who decides on what functions are in the game? What about expanding into other forms of entertainment, such as movies, or books? If you’ve had questions like this, then you may finally have some answers on those questions! The video game company Raw Fury, hasContinue reading “Video Game Company, Raw Fury, Publishes Publisher Agreement”

Why Does A Video Game Publisher Have So Much Influence?

In the video game industry, the maker of the game is the developer. The one who puts the game out to the public is the publisher. Why does this matter? In general, when a contract is signed between the developer and the publisher, they work together on their respective responsibilities. However, the publisher may endContinue reading “Why Does A Video Game Publisher Have So Much Influence?”


Epic Games is in another lawsuit regarding an emote in its popular game Fortnite. However, this time Epic Games has filed the complaint, saying it “has been forced to bring this action…”. The complaint describes the emote itself, named the “Pump It Up” emote, which seems to emulate the “Dancing Pumpkin Man” viral video. InContinue reading “EPIC GAMES FILES COMPLAINT REGARDING “DANCING PUMPKIN MAN””

General Update – Studying

Hello everyone. I haven’t been as active online lately, because I’v been studying again. I recently obtained the book “Video Game Law Everything You Need to Know About Legal and Business Issues in the Game Industry”. I have been reading, taking notes, and outlining my notes, as if I was back in law school. Don’tContinue reading “General Update – Studying”


On Wednesday, Senator Josh Hawley (Republican – Missouri), announced that he will introduce legislation that will ban loot boxes and pay to win microtransactions. Currently named the “Protecting Children from Abusive Games Act”, the Act, if approved, would prohibit features that allow players to pay real world money to advance in the game (pay-to-win), orContinue reading “U.S. SENATOR ANNOUNCES LEGISLATION TO BAN LOOT BOXES AND PAY-TO-WIN MICROTRANSACTIONS”

FTC Investigates Loot Boxes

Originally posted on December 5, 2018 On November 27, the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) agreed to investigate loot boxes, and the effect it has on gambling behavior. “Loot boxes are now endemic in the video game industry and are present in everything from casual smart phone games to the newest, high budget releases,” said SenatorContinue reading “FTC Investigates Loot Boxes”

Take Two Interactive vs. Pinkerton lawsuit

Take Two Interactive is in another lawsuit. This time it’s not about dances, but over the portrayal of fictional Pinkertons in Red Dead Redemption 2. The Defendants, Pinkerton Consulting & Investigations Inc. and Pinkerton Service Corporation, argue trademark infringement Take Two for using their name and mark in Red Dead Redemption 2. Pinkterton says thatContinue reading “Take Two Interactive vs. Pinkerton lawsuit”

Copyright, Dancing, and Fortnite?

DISCLAIMER: THIS ARTICLE IS FOR DISCUSSION PURPOSES ONLY. NONE OF THIS SHOULD BE TAKEN AS LEGAL ADVICE. IF YOU HAVE LEGAL QUESTIONS, PLEASE CONSULT AN ATTORNEY. In current video game news, various people are suing Epic Games for using their respective dances without permission in the popular video game, Fortnite. Many have spoken out aboutContinue reading “Copyright, Dancing, and Fortnite?”

Copyright Law Gets Better for Video Game History

At the end of October, The Library of Congress made some new fair use exemptions regarding video game preservation. There is no doubt that video games have made cultural history, and the exemptions will make it easier for libraries and archivists to share said impact. “The Acting Register found that the record supported granting anContinue reading “Copyright Law Gets Better for Video Game History”