The Strength of Control

I finally (finally) saw Spider-Man, No Way Home! The movie was great! I later figured out the real reason why Peter could not get into the college of his choice – #Contracts! Marvel has a lot of control over their #trademark characters. The screenshot shows what restrictions have been placed on Peter Parker. However, thereContinue reading “The Strength of Control”

Recent USPTO Delays

The USPTO has been experiencing a surge in applications, which has lead to processing delays. Normally a trademark examiner would be assigned 3-4 months after filing. Now it’s taking 5-6 months. Take a look at the tables as of the time of this writing from the USPTO itself. The reasons for these delays stem fromContinue reading “Recent USPTO Delays”

Licensing: Why does it Matter?

Many creative industries have to deal with the question of owning the rights to their creations, and giving up some or all of those rights for certain reasons. What does the rights owner need to do? They need to license their work! What does licensing mean? A license is permission to use the current owner’sContinue reading “Licensing: Why does it Matter?”

USPTO To Make Electronic Filing Mandatory in October 2019

A new trademark rule from the USPTO goes into effect on October 5, 2019. Starting on that day, all filings must be electronic! The goal is for the USPTO to speed up processing times and have fewer submission errors. Submissions for specimens will also be changing, requiring, 1. the URL and the access or printContinue reading “USPTO To Make Electronic Filing Mandatory in October 2019”


On June 24, 2019, the United States Supreme Court said that “The Lanham Act’s prohibition of ‘immoral or scandalous’ trademarks violates the First Amendment.” In other words, free speech beat out the Lanham Act, which is the governing law regarding trademarks. Entrepreneur Erik Brunetti started the clothing brand FUCT in 1990. It stands for “FriendsContinue reading “US SUPREME COURT RULES THAT LAW BANNING REGISTRATIONS OF “SCANDALOUS” TRADEMARKS VIOLATES FIRST AMENDMENT”

Take Two Interactive vs. Pinkerton lawsuit

Take Two Interactive is in another lawsuit. This time it’s not about dances, but over the portrayal of fictional Pinkertons in Red Dead Redemption 2. The Defendants, Pinkerton Consulting & Investigations Inc. and Pinkerton Service Corporation, argue trademark infringement Take Two for using their name and mark in Red Dead Redemption 2. Pinkterton says thatContinue reading “Take Two Interactive vs. Pinkerton lawsuit”