“Attorney on a mission to help artists, entrepreneurs, and businesses understand the value of their Intellectual Property.”

-Assaad Lyn

About Assaad Lyn

A lover of comic books, cartoons, and video games, Assaad started out wanting to do animation work, but later found his strength in creative writing. He took that love of comic books, cartoons, and video games, and studied copyright and trademark law to become an attorney on a mission to help creatives and entrepreneurs understand the value of the creations they make. Having done creative work in his spare time, he understands what it’s like to create something from nothing!

Whether he’s tackling intellectual property issues, contract issues, or just understanding how rules and law affect a business, Assaad is willing to help.

In his spare time he enjoys creative writing, video games, and ballroom dancing.

Areas of Practice





Attorney Services

Contract Review

$250 for 5 pages or less

$30 for each additional page

Includes review of the contract with notes and questions.

Agreement Review

$500 per agreement

Licensing Agreements, Assignment Agreements, Contractor Agreements, and Non Disclosure Agreements (NDAs).

Trademark Application Package

$1600 for filing

1 mark and 1 class (Includes government filing fee of $250 or $375).

Notary Services

Contact for pricing

I am now a commissioned notary in the state of Massachusetts!

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On Tuesday, May 16, 2023, Taco Bell, filed a petition at the USPTO to cancel the “Taco Tuesday” mark from the small chain, Taco John’s. Yes, the phrase “Taco Tuesday” is owned by a small chain. The phrase was being used by this chain in the 1980s in order to drive up sales. It was…

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What Is Going on with Wizards of the Coast?

Wizards of the Coast, the publisher of the popular Dungeons & Dragons series (and a subsidiary of Hasbro) has come under scrutiny lately, because of the proposed changes to their Open Games License (or OGL). The OGL is basically a license to use certain mechanics of Dungeons & Dragons and fans can create royalty-free content.…

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FTC Fines Epic Games $520M Over Children’s Privacy

On Monday, December 19, 2022, the FTC announced that Epic Games will pay a $520 million fine in order to settle allegations of violating the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), and collecting children’s personal data without obtaining consent from the parent or guardian. Epic acknowledged the settlement in a statement, saying in part: “No…

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“Helping artists, entrepreneurs, and businesses understand the value of their Intellectual Property.”