General Update – Studying

Hello everyone. I haven’t been as active online lately, because I’v been studying again. I recently obtained the book “Video Game Law Everything You Need to Know About Legal and Business Issues in the Game Industry”. I have been reading, taking notes, and outlining my notes, as if I was back in law school. Don’t worry, no terrible law school flashbacks have happened yet. The book is a great read, with lots of comprehensive and useful information regarding the relationship between game developers and publishers. It can help answer questions like who is responsible for marketing, milestones, developer duties, and much more. THIS IS NOT AN AD FOR THE BOOK! I’m just one person who is quite happy with his purchase and the contents of said purchase.

I have also attended a seminar regarding non-profit incorporation. Lots of information there as well. Some of it was typical business formation, but there was importance placed on filing for non-exempt status as well.

Many people say they can’t find the time to study once school is done. I’m letting you know that you can! It may take longer than a school setting might, but that is fine. There is no true deadline except the one you give yourself. Study at your own pace. You can also study by practicing an activity, whether that’s writing, drawing, or building something. It’s still studying, just by different means. You can always keep learning.

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