Video Game Company, Raw Fury, Publishes Publisher Agreement

Is the publisher making the final decision about the marketing? Who decides on what functions are in the game? What about expanding into other forms of entertainment, such as movies, or books?

If you’ve had questions like this, then you may finally have some answers on those questions! The video game company Raw Fury, has shared templates of their publishing agreement! If you’re a video game enthusiast like me, this is something amazing to look into!

This is important, because people can now know what things are considered in a publishing agreement with a video game company! I know that I have written about things like this in the past, but it stands that many people do not know what is in one. Now you can get the breakdown as to who is calling the shots on what. Keep in mind, these are templates, so you may need to customize your own agreement to fit your needs.

Thank you Raw Fury!

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