Copyright Law Gets Better for Video Game History

At the end of October, The Library of Congress made some new fair use exemptions regarding video game preservation. There is no doubt that video games have made cultural history, and the exemptions will make it easier for libraries and archivists to share said impact. “The Acting Register found that the record supported granting anContinue reading “Copyright Law Gets Better for Video Game History”

Music Modernization Act Signed into Law

The music modernization act has been signed into law! It received unanimous support across the House and the Senate, as well as musicians and labels. The bill tries to revamp copyright law for the modern era, as there are so many music streaming services. The Music Modernization Act has three large pieces of legislation: ProducersContinue reading “Music Modernization Act Signed into Law”

Comic-Con Wins Trademark Lawsuit In Salt Lake City

Comic-Con won a lawsuit in Salt Lake City in late August. This matters, because Comic-Con owns various trademarks in different classes, as well as owning the trademarks to different locations. The separate locations are all registered under the San Diego Comic Convention Corporation. Unfortunately, Salt Lake City Comic-Con is not a registered trademark under theContinue reading “Comic-Con Wins Trademark Lawsuit In Salt Lake City”