Behind the Scenes: Finished Writing A Novel!

On Monday, April 26, I finished writing the first draft of my novel! Just under 1 year ago, I found a course called “write your first novel” on Coursera. The pandemic work from home life was in full swing, so I figured I should give it a try. It’s something that I’ve wanted to doContinue reading “Behind the Scenes: Finished Writing A Novel!”

Copyright and Trademark Lawsuit News

NIKE AND MSCHF AGREE TO SETTLE The latest news worthy trademark case has been Nike v. MSCHF. This case was a trademark infringement case based on the headline smashing “Satan Shoe”. The shoes were a limited release coinciding with Lil Nas X’s latest music video, Montero (Call Me By Your Name). The shoes themselves wereContinue reading “Copyright and Trademark Lawsuit News”

Copyright Act §106

When someone creates a work of art, whether that’s a book, a script, a photo, or a movie, copyright protection is automatically granted. Copyright law also gives the author, (or authors) the rights listed below. (1) To reproduce the copyrighted work in copes or phonorecords; The right to reproduce, or make more copies of theContinue reading “Copyright Act §106”

Video Game Company, Raw Fury, Publishes Publisher Agreement

Is the publisher making the final decision about the marketing? Who decides on what functions are in the game? What about expanding into other forms of entertainment, such as movies, or books? If you’ve had questions like this, then you may finally have some answers on those questions! The video game company Raw Fury, hasContinue reading “Video Game Company, Raw Fury, Publishes Publisher Agreement”

USPTO To Increase Fees, Effective January 2, 2021

Looks like the USPTO is increasing trademark fees next year. Effective January 2 2021. See final rule: Of note in particular:TEAS Standard: $350 per classUp from $275 per class TEAS Plus: $250 per classUp from $225 per class Processing fee for failing to meet TEAS Plus requirements: $100 per classDown from $125 per class

Licensing: Copyright

Last time, I wrote an article about the basics of licensing. This time, I will go into a deeper discussion about the complications of “owning the rights” to something. A lot of people ask about “owning the rights” to something. It can be a copyrighted work, a trademark, or something else. This article will focusContinue reading “Licensing: Copyright”

Licensing: Why does it Matter?

Many creative industries have to deal with the question of owning the rights to their creations, and giving up some or all of those rights for certain reasons. What does the rights owner need to do? They need to license their work! What does licensing mean? A license is permission to use the current owner’sContinue reading “Licensing: Why does it Matter?”

Guest Appearance on Podcast!

I was lucky enough to be interviewed for a podcast, Walk The Talk, hosted by my dear friend, Aldís Elfarsdóttir, where I answered questions regarding being an attorney, creative writing, ballroom dancing, and more. Know that you are more than what you do, beyond the labels and titles, you are a person.

Why Does A Video Game Publisher Have So Much Influence?

In the video game industry, the maker of the game is the developer. The one who puts the game out to the public is the publisher. Why does this matter? In general, when a contract is signed between the developer and the publisher, they work together on their respective responsibilities. However, the publisher may endContinue reading “Why Does A Video Game Publisher Have So Much Influence?”

Right Of Publicity, Or Copyright? Explaining Selena Gomez’s Cause Of Action

On April 14, 2020, Variety reported that Selena Gomez has filed a lawsuit for $10 million against a mobile game company (Guangzhou Feidong Software, and MutantBox Interactive Limited) for stealing her likeness for use in the game Clothes Forever – Styling Game. The game allows users to buy “diamonds”, a kind of in app currencyContinue reading “Right Of Publicity, Or Copyright? Explaining Selena Gomez’s Cause Of Action”