I was lucky enough to receive the book Indie Games by Mike Diver as a gift. There was a lot of discovery while reading it. The book covered almost every genre, from puzzles, to platformers, to action-adventure games. It mentions some popular games like No Man’s Sky, and a personal favorite, Cuphead, but to my surprise, I learned that certain games like Psychonauts were indie games!

The book also covered topics such as the marketplace, and why someone would want to make an indie game in the first place. A lot of it comes down to some form of freedom.

The most moving aspect was how some creators used their games as a way of working through some life experiences. Video games have always been some form of storytelling medium; from simplistic games like Super Mario Bros., to the complex Last of Us series, but I never realized that some of these games were so personal. (Having tried my hand at creative writing, I feel like I should have figured that out). The book mentions Papo & Yo, and That Dragon, Cancer, which are the two that stand out to me.

The book does throw an almost countless number of games and their creators at the reader, but It’s an enjoyable book.

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