Dance Lawsuits Against Epic Games’s “Fortnite” Have Been Paused

Remember how many people were suing Epic Games, over dances being used as emotes in the game Fortnite? The lawsuits have been put on hold, following a recent ruling from the United States Supreme Court. The ruling stated that a copyright infringement lawsuit may only commence once the copyrighted work in question is successfully registered by the United States Copyright Office.

The most noteworthy case of the dance lawsuits was Alfonso Ribeiro claiming ownership of “the Carlton dance”, which was created and popularized through his character on Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.  Unfortunately for Mr. Ribeiro, he was denied a copyright for the dance, and voluntarily dismissed the lawsuit for now. He also voluntarily dismissed a similar lawsuit against Take-Two Interactive. He, and the others, can re-file at a later date.

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